East London Liquor Company is a distillery producing and importing a range of quality handcrafted spirits including gin, vodka, rum and whisky.

Bringing spirits production back to London’s East End after more than a century, we are reinstating an industry back to its roots. Located in one of Bow’s most well known historical sites, the old glue factory in Bow Wharf, we are always open for a visit.


Sonoma County Distilling Company's cornerstone spirit, Sonoma Rye Whiskey, is truly a rye whiskey the way it’s supposed to be. Using only traditional techniques like direct-fire alembic stills and hand separation, overseeing production from grain to glass.


Combining unmalted rye from Canada and malted rye from a historic malt house outside of London, to provide the purest foundation for the whiskey in a unique, 100% rye mash bill. From here the same methods from the 16th century are used to distill the spirits to embrace the small inconsistencies that many other whiskies avoid, working to promote high flavour over high alcohol to showcase the spice and depth of this robust grain.


The finished product is refined through a barrel aging process consisting of time in new-charred American oak as well as old wood. The maritime variations of Sonoma County’s daily climate fluctuations ensure a consistent relationship between the whiskey and the wood.


The approach and appellation combine to capture the true essence of the rye grain. Forward notes of vanilla, allspice, and black pepper are followed by a nutty, dry finish resulting from the malt.

We offer a comprehensive list of cocktails, not only featuring our own spirits but also acknowledging the rich heritage of gin production around the world.


If you’d rather a cold beer we have a rotating selection of draught and bottled craft beers.

Our menu changes weekly, and if you get peckish we also serve plates of cured meats, cheeses amongst other things.


Come on in, get a drink and enjoy the view.

An ever changing and expanding emporium of spirits, bitters and vermouths from across the world, carefully selected for both consumers and bartenders alike.


As well as stocking our own gins and vodka we also sell all our own imported products, and a small selection of beers.

Bottle shop is open whenever the bar is open, please ring the bell for service!

Our Craftsmen.

Alex Wolpert

Mikey Pendergast

Tom Hills

Pawel Jankiewicz

Nick Horton

Jonathan Benoliel

Andrew Mooney

Chris Culligan

Ashley Hunka

Monday to Thursday: 12.00pm-11.30pm

Friday to Saturday: 12.00pm-12.00am

Sunday: 12.00pm-11.30pm

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