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60ml 100% British Wheat Vodka
10ml dry vermouth
Pinch of hickory smoked sea salt

Stir over ice, serve neat, garnish with proper pickled onion, olives or gherkins.
100% British Wheat Vodka
35ml 100% British Wheat Vodka / London Dry Gin
125ml tomato juice
15ml olive and garlic shrub
25ml Worcestershire sauce

Thrown over ice, served long. Garnish with a gherkin and olive.
100% British Wheat Vodka / London Dry Gin
50ml Premium Batch No.1 Gin
25ml fresh lemon juice
15ml sugar syrup
1 egg white

Shake this one three times: first dry shake it (without ice), then wet shake (with ice), finally fine strain the liquid before giving it another dry shake. Serve neat and garnish with grapefruit zest.
Premium Batch No.1 Gin
25ml Premium Batch No.2 Gin
25ml Campari
25ml Cocchi Di Torino Sweet Vermouth

Stir over ice, serve short. Garnish with an orange zest.
Premium Batch No.2 Gin
50ml Demerara Rum
20ml freshly squeezed lime juice
15ml sugar syrup

Shaken and served straight up in a Nick & Nora glass.
Demerara Rum
50ml Premium Batch No.2 Gin
10ml agave syrup
3 dashes bergamot bitters
rose lemonade

Build in the glass with ice and top with the lemonade. Garnish with edible flowers.
Premium Batch No.2 Gin
35ml Demerara Rum
20ml dry amaretto
25ml lemon juice
20ml egg white
25ml hoppy pale ale

Shake over ice, and then strain over ice into a rocks glass. Top with the pale ale and then garnish on the side with a white chocolate Easter egg.
Something Hoppy This Way Comes
Demerara Rum
25ml London Dry Gin
15ml yuzu juice
15ml crème de menthe blanc liqueur
sparkling mead

Stir over ice and serve neat. Top with sparkling mead and garnish with a fresh grapefruit twist.
Spring In My Step
London Dry Gin
30ml Sonoma 2nd Chance Wheat Whiskey
20ml birch water
7ml maple syrup
10ml oak liquor

Stir over crushed ice, garnish with fresh bruised ginger.
Autumn Woods
Sonoma 2nd Chance Wheat Whiskey
20ml Demerara Rum
10ml cider vinegar
35ml Satsuma liquor

Top with black tea, hot or cold.

Top with black tea, hot or cold.
Christmas Rum One
Demerara Rum
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