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Miracle mile bitters

The Miracle Mile Bitters range was created by Louis Anderman. Based in Los Angeles, California,
Miracle Mile Bitters Co. has been producing small batch, handcrafted cocktail bitters since 2010.
With a variety of flavours suitable for any cocktail, their bitters are a must have for any serious bar!

Bergamot is a variety of sour orange, with a fragrant oil most notably used to flavour Earl Grey tea. These bitters combine organic bergamot oil with sweet and bitter orange, cardamom, cinnamon, summit hops and other herbs and spices. Pairs well with clear spirits like gin and pisco.
Bergamot Bitters
Based on a 19th century recipe, liquorice and dandelion root are combined with gentian, cardamom, grains of paradise and other spices, and finished with caramelised Demerara sugar. Sweet, herbaceous and bitter, it’s a wonderful accompaniment for tequila and mescal drinks.
Castilian Bitters
Warm baking spices like cinnamon, clove, ginger and star anise are infused with Valrhona cacao nibs and a blend of three chillies for a palate-tickling finish. A natural for dark spirits like rum, or tequila, ice cream or coffee.
Chocolate-Chili Bitters
In the style of a 19th century aromatic bitters, these combine exotic root spices such as zedoary, angelica root, and galangal, along with aromatics such as vanilla, clove, cinnamon and cardamom. A natural with aged spirits, they also pair well with gin and genever.
Forbidden Bitters
A classic, these are very citrus forward with bitter and sweet orange peel, lemon peel, and cinchona, juniper, cinnamon and other spices to round out the finish. Wonderful in a dry martini.
Orange Bitters
A proper wakeup call: these bitters have been fat-washed with Neuske's bacon fat, filtered with Intelligentsia Blackcat Espresso and infused with a tobacco substitute.
Redeye Bitters
Rich cherry flavour coming from wild cherry bark and sour Michigan cherries combines with cardamom, cinnamon and ginger blossom spices, with a hint of orange blossom honey on the finish.
Sour Cherry Bitters
Like a Southern pecan pie in bitters form, these bitters combine toasted pecans with wild cherry bark, warm baking spices such as cinnamon, vanilla and clove, and the richness of Steen’s Cane Syrup. An absolute natural for bourbon drinks.
Toasted Pecan Bitters
A variety of Japanese citrus, Yuzu are renowned for their taste and aroma. These bitters combine them with traditional bitters ingredients such as cinchona, cardamom, and burdock root, as well as two kinds of green tea to round out the finish. These are a great companion to drinks that lean toward the floral, citrus, herbal and sweet side of things.
Yuzu Bitters
Ume is a type of Japanese plum with a distinctive tart/sour taste. Inedible in its raw form, it is typically pickled to make Umeboshi, infused in shochu or sake to make Umeshu, and used as a candy and gum flavouring. They’re a natural with white spirits, and make a lovely addition to a gin & tonic, Tom Collins, or gin rickey.
ume bitters
The Celery Bitters are made with fresh organic celery (most of the flavouring comes from the leaves), and other botanicals such as angelica root, juniper, gentian and grains of paradise. Aside from working well in savory cocktails like a Bloody Mary, they have an unexpected alchemy with whisky, adding a curious coconut note.
Celery Bitters
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