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Sonoma Whiskies

Sonoma County Distilling Company focusses on grain to glass distilling: from fermenting the grains
to bottling their whiskies. All of their whiskies are produced using the 16th century method of direct-
fired copper alembic pot distillation.

This 100% rye whiskey is produced using 80% unmalted rye and 20% malted British rye to give a spicy, dry flavour profile. It is then aged in new American oak and ex-rye barrels for notes of honey, persimmon fruit and vanilla and white pepper.
Sonoma Rye Whiskey
48% ABV
By using a mashbill of unmalted rye, winter wheat and cherrywood smoked barley, Cherywood Rye Whiskey takes the flavour elements of a classic Manhattan cocktail and brings those to the forefront. Notes of cooked cherries, bitter chocolate and cigar tobacco with a smooth and balanced finish come through in part from the spirit aging in new American oak barrels.
Sonoma Cherrywood Rye Whiskey
48% ABV
Sonoma Bourbon returns to a more traditional style of whiskey with a mashbill made up of 70% corn, 25% wheat and 5% malted barley.
Sonoma Bourbon
47.8% ABV
Combining American yellow corn with unmalted Canadian rye and cherrywood smoked malted barley, it is then aged in new American oak for a minimum of one year. Aromas of sweet corn, biscuits and a slight smokiness blend with flavours of clove, honey, vanilla and allspice.
Sonoma Cherrywood Bourbon
47.8% ABV
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